Welcome to a new school year

It’s hard to believe, but we are back to another year of school. Where does the time go? This is my 13th year in the Fieldcrest district and it is amazing to me that I am now working with people who were once students! I pop into the local Casey’s and bump into past students who are now married and have children. It makes me proud to see so many former students living their dreams and doing well. It also makes me realize that there is a lot of pressure to make sure I work my hardest each year to provide knowledge and support for my students. I am so excited to ramp up writer’s workshop and add more layers to make the experience even more student centered this year. At the same time, I feel like a first year teacher who is constantly trying to keep up with creating and implementing lessons and routines. I suppose it is a good thing too – I don’t ever want to get complacent in my teaching. I am so grateful to work in such an amazing district  – my colleagues are so knowledgeable and caring, my students are dedicated, and the community is supportive. What more could I ask for?