As I was driving my son home from hockey, I was thinking about the plethora of things I needed to accomplish before going to bed. I know I have a busy weekend ahead, so I won’t have time to focus on schoolwork (see – homework never really goes away for teachers!) and I believe it is important to set a good example. If I expect my students to complete assignments, then I need to do the same. It would be hypocritical for me to expect more from all of you than I am willing to do myself. So…..here I sit at midnight writing a blog post after reviewing the 7th graders posts. My mind is whirling. What should I even write about? The quality of the posts so far, how 4 people didn’t put names on papers today so those 4 people have an undeserved 0 in the gradebook until that gets straightened out, that it is just about midterms ALREADY, reflections on our readings, my excitement about the 8th graders global literacy initiative we will be starting soon, something from my own life (which pretty much means my son’s sports since 90% of my own life revolves around chauffeuring to sporting events)…..Oh wait!!!! That’s it. How to come up with an idea for writing. Rarely does an author have some magical inspiration from writing that causes him or her to ┬ásit down and write a 300 page novel in one sitting. It is usually all the little kernels of ideas that boil and bubble until one of them starts to tease out to a bigger idea or when a couple of the ideas combine to form a larger cohesive thought. Writing is about exploring and communicating. As we have been learning this week through our readings, words are powerful (whether they are shared or just thought). Ok – I don’t have anything more on that idea. Sometimes it is ok to abandon an idea. Sometimes as a writer, we need to tuck away an idea that isn’t working for another day (or even not at all). Writing is the opportunity to share a bit of your heart with another person. It involves trust whether you are writing a piece of fiction or baring your soul in a personal memoir. Don’t be afraid to explore your ideas, toss them around a bit, throw some out there and see which ones catch on, examine how you feel as you are working with the ideas and let your intuition guide where to go with your ideas. Then, take the time to review, revise, share, and revise some more. If you open your mind to new ideas and communicate with others, you will gain whole worlds and relationships you never knew could exist.