Real World Writing

I recently joined Edublogs Teacher Challenge so I could explore ways to make blogging a more natural part of our classroom routine and help students use their blogs for some real world writing experiences. Our 8th graders recently finished research papers and as we debriefed, we discussed how the skills would be valuable in the real world. We generated multiple ways that we research, evaluate sources, analyze material, and put it together to make decisions in our everyday lives. Yet, when it is time to turn it into writing for a school activity, it seems to become a chore. It made me wonder about what turns reading and writing from enjoyable and valuable activities to something that so many people dread. Is it the writing itself or is it this false purpose of writing for the sake of writing that causes the resistance? Blogging seems like a great way to help students find their way to writing in the real world. We have some great examples of writing and blog design on our pages. Make sure to check out our author’s efforts!