American Education Week

We have been celebrating American Education Week with several different activities, and it has caused me to stop and think about what brought me to teaching in the first place. I wasn’t always the most focused of students. As a matter of fact, most of my old report cards all mention too much chatting. Hmmmm…. well, I am sure that some of my old teachers would have pegged me as going into a profession where talking (and listening) are paramount to the job, but I’m not sure they would believe I’d be teaching. The truth is, it was not my first intended career. I planned on going into journalism. I had visions of being a news anchor or hosting my own talk show where I could meet all sorts of celebrities. As a freshman at Northern Illinois University, I hadn’t even taken my first journalism class when I woke up one day and decided to change my major to Education. I believe that somewhere in the back of my heart was the call for teaching, but I had to get past the stars in my eyes. Now, I look back on teachers that influenced me and am so grateful for some wonderful role models. My third grade teacher, Miss Horowitz who let me read everything I could get my hands on (Oh those Nancy Drew books kept me enthralled!) showed me what respect really meant and was probably the first person who unwittingly set me on a path toward teaching. The English teachers in Junior High and High School who further fueled my love for reading taught me how to think critically about text and the lessons I could gain from all authors (even Charles Dickens who I have a love-hate relationship with to this day). Finally, I must recognize the incredible men and women I am blessed to teach among. I continue to learn and grow, not only in my craft, but in life. Thank you to everyone who chooses education as a career path. Your dedication to the future generation leaves me in awe.