Snow in the Spring

Yes, it is April. Unfortunately, you would never know it with last night’s  snowfall. After this year’s harsh winter, I am definitely ready for the sun and warmer temperatures. Of course, with warmer temperatures, students often start to lose focus and don’t always put forth the same energy on schoolwork that they did in the fall. Maybe the snow will help slow the onset of Spring Fever. No matter what the weather does, make sure to stay focused and work hard on every task! You will be much happier in the end.

Welcome to the world of Blogging

Welcome to Mrs. Koudelka’s class blog. I hope you enjoy the experience of writing blogs. Our world has changed a lot since I was in junior high. You have access to all types of communication in the palm of your hand along with the opportunity to read all kinds of texts for a variety of purposes. The other amazing thing that has come out of all this information access is the ability to interact with the authors on a whole new level. The conversation you have with the text doesn’t just have to be in your head anymore; it can be real interaction that helps you discover new and exciting worlds.

The purpose of our blogs is to explore this digital form of reading  and writing on a public forum. You will be amazed at how you improve your own writing by working on this blog on a weekly basis. Of course, you need to remember that lots of people will be able to read your entries so you want to make sure you are writing clearly and engaging your readers so that you are able to communicate your message. You also have the chance to comment and respond to other class members’ blogs.